The City of Palladio

"Palladio was the Bible, you should get it and stick close to it"

Thomas Jefferson - Third President of the United States (1743-1826)

A little known gem of the Venetian region which boasts a large number of buildings designed by Andrea Palladio, whose style influenced architecture worldwide. The works of the great Renaissance’s architect, embodying perfection and beauty, make Vicenza and its province a true open-air museum, with magnificent urban palaces, religious buildings and villas.

The landscape around Vicenza shifts from mountains down through green hills and across the plain, intersected by rivers and streams and dotted with some of the finest and most fascinating medieval towns of the region, such as Marostica and Bassano del Grappa.

Enjoy a visit to a prestigious distillery and taste some of the finest varieties of grappa, or discover the secrets of the area’s age-old cheese-making tradition. Vicenza is a city to be savored at a slow pace, season after season, immersed in unique hues and aromas.

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