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Italy is a truly special country. Like no other.

From the majesty of Mont Blanc, Europe's highest peak to the incredible hues of the sea, Italy offers everything from ancient treasures of inestimable value, through the splendour of the Renaissance to top design schools and contemporary architecture. Not to mention superb cuisine, fashion and top-class craftsmanship, or the creative, welcoming, hospitable character of the Italians, masters of the art of savoir vivre.
This marvellous heritage is just waiting to be discovered by visitors, opening up a treasure chest of experiences and emotions destined to remain in their hearts and minds and enrich their lives.


Our desire is to guide you through Italy

Offering unique perspectives and the chance to enjoy unforgettable and exclusive experiences in a wonderful multi-faceted land. Our aim is to understand your passions and interests, to guarantee  a unique travel experience, carefully designed around you. Our task is to offer you a top service, up to the standards of the most demanding guest.


For us, travel is a means to discover, to explore

Not just places, but above all the people behind everything we see.  It is a source of enrichment, of experiences and emotions that will remain forever. Unique experiences, attention to detail and creativity are the core values underlying the trip we will be shaping together with you.

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Renato Cepparo

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