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When organising corporate travel events you need the experience to enliven — to shake up people’s worlds so that they return home associating your MICE travel experience with a time in their life when they were brave and spirited enough to grab life by their horns and tell it who’s boss.

The Adventure Travel Development Index (ATDI) defines adventure travel as “interaction with nature, interaction with culture and a physical activity - at least two and preferably all three of these in the same trip.” Forbes refers to this definition in their account of little-known and occasionally rather unconventional adventure travel destinations. Their list features choices as extraordinary as journeying through Jordan’s 6th-century BC city of Petra, “a city carved out of a stone canyon hidden in the southern desert”. Or camping in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania where Dracula fans might be enticed by the prospect of discovering Transylvania.

Here’s our compilation of expert suggestions for MICE travel adventures to put individuals at the helm of their very best life.

Hike and sail through Chile’s Yendegaia National Park

A prime choice for experienced adventurers, Chile is a hub of adventure. According to Forbes, Chile is “abundant in natural resources, relatively small in populations and features a variety of landscapes from the high Atacama desert to the famous fjords, mountains and lakes of Patagonia, home of the Torres del Paine National Park”. What’s more is that Chile’s ATDI score on the sustainable travel front is high because “since 2007, all tourism projects have been subject to environmental impact assessments.” Visitors can explore the glaciers of Yendegaia National Park, crossing gushing water and hiking through 16 of the most epic days of their life.

Paddle down the Upper Navua River Gorge in Fiji

Row peacefully down a river lined with palm trees in this tropical haven. This class II-III river is a feast for the eyes carefully put together straight from mother nature’s kitchen. Adventure options range from kayaking, sea-kayaking and snorkelling along the dazzling coral coast.

Night ski, hike, bike or Llama trek through Italy’s Trentino Alto Adige

Located on the border of Austria, Switzerland and Italy, Trentino Alto Adige is world famous for awe-inspiring peaks and restorative experiences. The Dolomites are often said to be some of the most beautiful in Europe and regardless of the season, these picture-postcard peaks are made for explorers. Among the snow-capped peaks visitors can ski, freeride or ride the slopes along with sled dogs. The more adventurous could embark on a skijoring experience, a sport in which a skier is pulled along by horses!

Between the apex of your adventures Italy offers the chance to explore forests, lakes and traditional European villages hidden in the mountains (some of which seem so tucked away, that father time forgot they were there so carried on without them).

Discover the adventurous delights of Italy

Italy is an ideal choice for MICE travel not only for the range and depth of the adventure opportunities, but also because of the quality offerings in between these experiences. Guests can relax in luxury mountain lodges, rest and rejuvenate in spa towns, indulge in mouthwatering Italian cuisine, and experience traditions like the Christmas markets in winter. Never will a visitor feel closer to the festive season than when journeying through the cinnamon-scented stalls of the a European christmas market.

Christmas markets in Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy

For out-of-this-world MICE travel experiences in Italy, get in touch with Charme & Adventure. These local professionals create luxury tours of Italy tailor-made to your specifications, so travelers can opt for truffle hunting in Langhe, riding vespas through Tuscany, rafting in Rome, basking in a hot whirlpool overlooking the snow-capped peaks, cooking up a feast alongside a real Italian nonna or just about anything else your heart desires.

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by Luca on Sep 3, 2015