Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis You know the ones? Those clients who have traveled everywhere, done everything, tasted every variety of deep fried worm, and yet they come to you because this time they’re looking for something “a little different”

If you’re constantly scratching your head trying to come up with unique travel ideas for the quirkier individuals in your client base, this list is for you. With a little help from sources around the continent searching for the most unusual European experiences, we’ve narrowed them down to the most exciting, stimulating and unique travel ideas yet.

Slumber in a glass igloo in Lapland, beneath the starry skies

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort & Igloo village in Northern Finland is the one place on the planet that allows you to admire the Northern lights while laying back in your very own bed.

Photo courtesy of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Marvel at the Capuchin Catacombs in Italy’s Palermo

For those travelers searching for something a little more macabre, Palermo’s Capuchin Catacombs should hit the spot, and give them the spider-legged shivers that they’re seeking. Thousands of corpses from as early as the 1500s to 1920 are on display for those intrigued by history, decay, preservation and the afterlife.

Love and Death by Calcedonio Reina

Do a double-take at Moscow’s Twin Stars Diner

At this quirky establishment in Moscow all the serving staff are twins. It’s a fun novel experience and makes for great photos even if the food isn’t particularly memorable.

Rent out a whole country

Liechtenstein, the tiny country landlocked between Germany and Austria, is available for rent. Enjoy a welcome parade from the locals, customized street signs, temporary currency, accommodation for 150 people, and a symbolic key to the country for just $70,000.

Dine on the stage of the Hungarian Opera House

In Budapest, sip champagne and savor melt-in-your-mouth fillet on the stage of this iconic neoclassical opera house. There is an option to book the whole theatre for a night of dinner and private concerts.

Photo courtesy of Jason DeRose

Base jump onto a Grecian beach

On Zakynthos Island join some of the world’s greatest adrenalin junkies to base jump onto the powder-white beach sand from a vertical limestone cliff overlooking the big blue bay.

Join Giethoorn residents as they boat around their tiny town

With just 2 600 residents, three miles of canals and no roads, Giethoorn has been aptly dubbed “Venice of the Netherlands”. This old Dutch town may not be a secret (the country even has its own Instagram account and tourists, particularly from China, are huge fans) but it’s certainly one of the more unique travel ideas worth suggesting.

Photo courtesy of Piotr Iłowiecki

Although a number of clients are looking for something entirely bizarre, many more are seeking unique travel ideas that allow them to experience a moment of authenticity in a life of constant spectacles. At Charme & Adventure we specialize in private tours of Italy that take discerning travelers into the heart of a country beating at its own beautiful pace, just as it’s been beating for centuries. For clients looking for original experiences that prize real flavour, beauty and feeling over any fake show, get in touch with us to let us know how we can help tailor make the private tours of Italy you and your clients have been looking for.

by Luca on Oct 29, 2015