The most famous archeological site in the world

"I love places that have an incredible history"

Sir Elton John, singer and songwriter (1947)

This area is definitely one of the richest, for travelers who are looking for history with a capital H, in a superb natural setting: in the range of few kilometers, take a journey back in ancient times, from a glorious classical civilization to another one; from an archeological wonder, to another one…

The streets of Pompeii, in the imposing shadow of Vesuvius, and the upsetting plaster casts of its ancient inhabitants; your mind will travel to the past, nearly 2000 years ago, experiencing the tragic beauty of the Roman city.

The gratifying view of a sunset over the white marble temples of Paestum, looking much like they would 2500 years ago. A triumph of history, quietness, Mediterranean scents, admiring the breathtaking Greek ruins.

The unknown treasures of underwater archeological park of Baia, with its ancient Roman ruins that grace the depths, or hidden gems like The cave of the Sybl, between history and myth.

Campania region’s coastlines have a lot more to offer than beautiful sceneries and glamorous life…

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