Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis “As the saying goes, you might as well be yourself; everyone else is taken.”

So says Robert Bly. Individuals are created by a variety of factors, from our DNA, upbringings and relationships, to our unique experiences of the world. Our perspectives, interests, annoyances and the things we delight in, emerge from a complex web of history that we are born into and continue to make. Even twins born in the same era, with the same genes, sharing largely similar childhood experiences develop into (sometimes wildly) different people.

Why exactly are we all unique

For those who need further evidence we need only to look to Scientific American in an article on how “Jumping genes in the brain ensure that even identical twins are different.” Apparently, these genes “move around in neurons and alter the way they work”. The article goes on to explain how each brain is “special… Differences arise at every level of the organ’s astonishingly intricate architecture; the human brain contains 100 billion neurons, which come in thousands of types and collectively form an estimate of more than 100 trillion interconnections. These differences, in turn, lead to variances in the way we think, learn and behave.” And that only begins to explain it.

How does tailor-made travel cater to our uniqueness?

  • The finest tailor-made travel works carefully with individuals to create tours that are sure to delight a person’s unique interests, desires and senses.

  • It allows you to immerse yourself in the possibilities of what’s in front of you as opposed to feeling the disappointment of how you’re “supposed” to feel when seeing a tourist landmark.

  • There’s no need to fit into anyone else’s schedule. You can linger over a few bottles of wine with a winemaker you strike up a conversation with, or hurry along to the next beach, palace or ancient villa as quickly or slowly as you like.

  • You can choose your mode of transport, be it plane, private vintage car, helicopter or hot air balloon ride.

Tailor-made experiences for you, or you, or you…

Tailor-made travel dramatically enhances our experiences by introducing travelers to locals and inviting them into little-known worlds of wonder. Consider these tailor-made private tours of Italy carved out to suit some of the vast array of fascinating personalities out there:

  • Paestum from the sky: Hot air balloon, hang glide, or paraglide over the dazzling Cilento Coast and a world famous archaeological area featuring some of the most carefully preserved Greek temples in the world. After a moving time in the air settle down for a gourmet feast alongside a canal, or in a rose garden that was established before your great-grandmother was born.

  • The “Bourbon Versailles”:  Marvel at the dramatic stairway, theatre, library, gardens, dancing fountains and over 1,000 rooms of the Royal Palace of Caserta, a triumph of Italian Baroque architecture.

  • Treat yourself to a private shopping tour: Enjoy a most fashionable trip that’s specially designed and tailored to fit your interests and accentuate your style. Where better to shop than in the land of haute couture, luxury designer houses and boutique back-alley tailors? Attend exclusive fashion shows and parties over Milan Fashion Week or meet up with some of the world’s best fashion consultants to enhance your unique style.

  • Imbibe to your heart’s content on a unique wine tour: Quaff the land’s finest wines and sample the countries delicacies on visits to the most exquisite private wineries in Italy: from countryside vineyards, to a private villa in Rome and an achingly beautiful old mansion in the depths of Milan.

Or design a trip entirely tailored for you. For further details about experiencing the finest in tailor-made travel, get in touch with Charme & Adventure, leaders in unique private tours of Italy.

by Luca on Sep 3, 2015