Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis Not long ago frequent foreign travel remained the reserve of only a fortunate few. But with the rise of travel and media industries, aided by technological advances, it’s safe to assume that the majority of corporates are exposed to stimulation and adventure almost every day.

This raises a challenge for M.I.C.E consultants looking to inject events, incentives and conferences with that magical element of surprise. Free diving in Indonesia may seem like an exhilarating option, but excitement is only one component of a corporate travel idea, other essential traits include:

  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Variety
  • Access to technological facilities
  • Suitable location
  • Flexibility

When weighing up corporate travel ideas from across the globe it’s easy to see why Europe, and specifically Italy, is consistently chosen as one of the most popular destinations. It’s not only a logical choice but also offers that certain je ne sais quoi that people crave. Since 15th century Grand Tours people gravitate to Europe in search of inspiration, style and artisan knowledge.Whether it’s the art, history, food or language, Italy speaks to many personalities.

When looking for luxury tours of Italy, it’s vital to find a touring partner that knows where to find the gems between the tourist traps. Without slipping onto the path of the ordinary, here are a few ways to win the hearts of clients in the most-loved country in the world:

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Corporate travel ideas in Milan

  • Although the country is steeped in history, surprise guests by leading them to Italy’s first Design Museum which was only established in 2007.  It offers fresh looks on the combination of passion and style characterising much Italian design.
  • Consider taking a sidestep from the frescoes and murals to an aristocratic house exhibiting the finest collection of Renaissance clocks, jewellery, porcelain, metalworks and textiles.
  • Put a spin on the world’s fashion epicentre by inviting your clients to shop in the local’s fashion district, the quadrilatero della moda. Follow it up with the popular Milanese happy hour. Encourage guests to try an Aperol Spritz and save the wine for later.


Corporate travel ideas in Florence

  • Instead of giving clients the opportunity to take photos of gorgeous Italians on Vespas, offer the chance to make like an Italian and ride one. Inquire into the Vespa and vintage car excursions on offer.
  • A perfect corporate travel idea well-suited to many industries, why not consider a visit to the Face Powder Museum? It showcases the evolution of packaging design via their fine collection of face powder boxes.
  • Don’t just offer a scoop of it. Take your guests on a journey through the history of the Florentine gelato tradition.


Corporate travel ideas in Rome

  • A trip to the largest film studio in Europe, the studios of Cincecitta, is ideal for film buffs. Marvel at the scene of Fellini, Ford, Coppola, Scorsese’s great works.
  • Showcase the secrets of artisans via personal visits to blacksmiths, potters, woodworkers and antique dealers. As a corporate travel idea it’s an ideal hub for inspiration.
  • Feast – slowly – in Rome’s famous Slowfood mall, after a morning of first class cooking lessons.


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by Luca on May 22, 2015