Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis If you’re one of those event organizers who will do just about anything to get the job done right, you’re probably a sucker for a corporate event planning checklist.

Being sticklers for things going well ourselves, we know the feeling. That’s why we’ve scoured the terrain to find the best corporate event planning checklist out there and found some expert advice from an impressive business portal offering comprehensive business solutions. So without further ado, here’s a master planning timeline (narrowed down to the most essential points) worth building into your ultimate corporate event planning checklist.

planning an event with Charme & Adventure

18 months before the event

  • Set goals and objectives.

  • Consider date possibilities.

  • Prepare guest list.

  • Work out “promotional action plans”.

  • Set protocol for communication with all involved in the event, from staff, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers to registrants and press.

  • Set or confirm the budget, as well as “financial reporting procedures”.

  • Decide on a calendar of staff meetings.

  • Consider drawing up a master schedule of printing requirements.

  • NB!: “Send meeting requirements to selected sites with requests for written proposals”. Bearing in mind that some of the best venues get booked well in advance.

  • Review site proposals, organise site visits, select the right sites – based on the event needs and budget.

  • Get insurance cover.

15 months before the event

  • Arrange promotional strategy.

  • Get going on event PR and work on press release.

  • Continually monitor budget.

  • Decide on theme and graphics. Post on website where necessary.

  • Source outside suppliers

  • Outline requirements for: advertising, air travel, AV, decor, destination management, transport, catering, entertainment, freight handlers, furniture, media and PR, photography, modeling agencies, printing, props, registration services, security, speakers, temporary personnel, translation equipment.

  • Invite and confirm keynote speakers.

  • Decide on catering, work on menus and negotiate prices.

  • Work on floor plan.

  • Send promo materials to prospective delegates.

  • Confirm AV equipment order.

  • Organize VIP travel and accommodation.

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12 months before the event

  • Review contracts with venue, budget and accounting procedures.

  • Prepare brochure.

  • Establish awards and selection of criteria where necessary.

  • Figure out 12-month media schedule.

10 months before the event

  • Outline event specifications based on available hotel function areas.

  • Compile program including topics, speakers, meal times, special events or activities.

  • Get biographies, headshots and introductions from speakers.

  • Promote meeting.

  • Confirm any remaining suppliers.

Eight months before the event

  • Mail meeting brochure.

  • Arrange award nominee lists.

  • Update function space requirements and communicate these with respective facilities.

  • Implement a reliable registration reporting system.

  • Confirm final program and schedule of events.

  • Gather all relevant info into a manual for on-site use.

planning an event with Charme & Adventure

Four months before the event

  • Select final award recipients.

  • Decide on materials for registration packs. Order appropriate packs.

  • Confirm food and beverage menus, conduct tastings if necessary.

  • Order any necessary furniture, equipment and awards.

  • Review registration returns and then send targeted registration invitation letters.

  • Assign on-site staff responsibilities.

  • Order event flowers.

  • Make sure the signage will be ready for the event.

Two to four months before the event

  • Open bank account in host city if necessary.

  • Make final food and beverage schedule.   

  • Arrange any necessary translation.

  • Identify security needs and risk management protocol.

  • Implement weekly registration reporting system.

The day of the event

  • Receive all shipments, equipment and suppliers.

  • Get on top of VIP arrangements.

  • Brief staff.

  • Arrange daily invoice review.

  • Find out about issuing gratuities.

  • Confirm pickup of all rental and supplies.

  • Conduct post-conference debrief.

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by Luca on Jan 14, 2016