Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis From online booking capabilities to keyless hotel-room access, the travel industry is increasingly providing virtual services. Perhaps in response to this world of mass-delivered and often sterile connections, industry experts are reporting a greater interest in more personal travel opportunities. It appears that more and more people are craving the human touch when it comes to their travel experiences.

Here's a closer analysis of 2015's travel trends

Update: Travel trends 2016

Technology-driven services are changing the industry

Smartphones are helping to streamline travel services so globetrotters can take care of all payments and services via handheld devices, be it to check-in online, pay for drinks at the hotel bar, translate foreign phrases, tweet a complaint or to navigate one’s way around a city via google, Not so long ago, hailing a cab in a foreign city could be a herculean feat, but these days uber is just a click away. Soon enough google self-drive vehicles will extract human interaction from taxi services altogether. Technological advances feature highly on the travel trends list. But although these advances are making travel slicker, the charm and character of human interaction is getting lost in all this efficiency.

Unique and tailor-made experiences are the order of the day

Trending on the other end of the spectrum is the yearning for travel experiences crammed with personal and local authenticity. Discerning travelers want journeys that aren’t just packaged to millions of people but rather customised to meet individual desires.

People want to experience a place from a local perspective. Interestingly it is also technology that is helping to create these personal connections. There has been huge growth in companies like airbnb and EatWith.com, a website that links travelers who are looking for local flavours with locals who love to cook.

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Adding to this travel trends list, analysts are reporting greater interest in attending workshops, cooking lessons and conferences while travelling. People want to learn and gain something from an experience so instead of just drinking the wine, they’re stomping the grapes.

The luxury traveler is back

With the economy on the road to recovery and the strengthening dollar and pound, international travel is another one of this year’s travel trends on the rise. Perhaps it’s due to the sheer exhaustion of the last few years, but it seems that people are looking to reward themselves with more luxurious holiday experiences.  The Travel Market Report gives an overview of the massive growth in the luxury travel industry and it seems that these travelers are looking for experiences that are off-the-beaten-path.

Interest in local knowledge and experience

For some, sifting through tripadvisor.com will adequately judge a restaurant or hotel. But avid travelers know that the very best way to travel is through the guidance of a local. Agents in the know specialize in finding local partners in the destinations that their clients choose. If your clients are seeking luxury Italian tours where they will not only eat the gelato, but also make it; not just admire the Vespa but ride it; or not to simply sit in a gondola but visit the creaky workshop where these romantic boats are still made today, get in touch with a local expert like Charme & Adventure, specialists in custom luxury Italian tours.

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by Luca on May 26, 2015