Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis There are milestones worth celebrating in a marriage ㅡ it’s been one, two or five decades since the day you first said ‘I do’ and you want to tell the world if you could you would do it all over again!

This is according to wedding specialists, The Knot, in a post  outlining the ins and outs of the vowel renewal process. They indicate that marking a milestone in your relationship is one reason why couples choose to renew their vows, however, it’s not the only one. It could be because “you want to reaffirm your commitment to each other after a rough period in your relationship.” They emphasise that “there’s no wrong reason to renew.”

But with the pomp and ceremony of the original day now a gloriously distant memory, renewing your vows offers the the chance to do it in a less stressful way that takes into account who you are as a couple. This time, you’re no longer obliged to invite every one of your parents’ acquaintances, or anyone at all if you choose.

Chances are you’ll have more disposable income than you had in your twenties, so you can choose from a world of endless luxury vacations for an intimate ceremony, that ultimately comes down to the one other person that this thing is about: your other half. Whether it’ll be an event that includes your immediate family, or just you and your partner, we consider the most beautiful and exciting places in the world to celebrate your favourite love story.

The Island Renewal, The Seychelles

There is an island not far from the equator humming with beauty. With pure white sand, seven beaches and a luxury resort prioritising the island’s preservation, Fregate Island Private pays homage to the natural glory of the Earth. Fregate Island Private offers the ultimate in luxury vacations. Exclusive to resort guests and welcoming a maximum of 40 guests at any given time, the island promises a rare opportunity to experience this secluded tropical paradise. Here, accompanied by only your partner, or those very close to you, walk hand-in-hand down to the blue shores and exchange rings all over again.

Photo courtesy of Fregate Island Private

Warm the cockles of your heart in Icy Sweden

For those looking for a quirkier renewal, Sweden’s Ice Hotel  is a fairytale venue straight out of Disney’s Frozen. Gather closer together than ever before in this winter wonderland. This art exhibition and hotel is made entirely of “natural ice and snow from one of Europe’s last wild rivers”. Each year the freshly formed icy surfaces of the hotel become canvases for masters from all creative disciplines to turn into artworks, and then, each year in Spring, the hotel melts away. The hotel is a reminder of life’s ephemeral nature, but also of the wonder of renewal and so a fitting venue to commemorate that despite the seasons of a relationship, your love continuously renews.

Photo courtesy of Bjaglin Lund

An Italian dream come true in the Dolomites

There is something unspeakably magical about the Dolomite Mountains. In the heart of Europe, these staggeringly beautiful valleys are snow-capped and glorious over winter and transform into a fairytale of blossoms in the spring. As though the location weren’t naturally awe-inspiring enough, the mountains have recently welcomed the Pine Lodge Dolomites into its palms. This five-star lodge in the exclusive Selva Gardena is just 300 metres from the ski lifts and nearby to unforgettable hiking trails, offering the perfect lift-off for luxury vacations crammed with skiing or hiking expeditions.

This majestic environment is a dreamy dot on the globe to renew your vows. With your husband or wife by your side stand on the porch of this luxury log-cabin chalet surrounded by friends and family, and the wider mountains, as you exchange promises once again — perhaps adding a few anecdotes from your years together. As the sun sets between the hills of the Dolomites, play the song of your original first dance and, drunk on euphoria, bask in the arms of your loved one.

Photo courtesy of Pine Lodge Dolomites

Whether you’d like to say ‘I do’ in the oldest opera house in Europe, or off the cliffs of the Amalfi coast, Italy offers countless options  for those looking to renew their vows in the most romantic country in the world. For more information about beautiful wedding options, luxury Italian tours and luxury vacations tailor-made for you, contact  Charme & Adventure, leaders in authentic luxury Italian tours.

by Luca on Aug 5, 2015