The Langhe: castles and truffles

"Life is too short to drink bad wines"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, man of letters (1749–1832)

The Langhe region is the heart of Piedmont. Enchanted castles and great wines, amazing landscape and excellent truffles; home of Barbera, Barolo, NebbioloDolcetto wines and the worldwide food excellence: the white truflle from Alba.

Piedmont is the "hazelnuts land", where Ferrero, the number one italian company, produce the worldwide queen of the chocolate creme: the Nutella. Did you know that the hazelnuts Ferrero used in 2 years could fill a basket the size of the Coliseum in Rome?

Let your heart being warmed by this magic region.

"Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination"

Plan your trip with us and experience our pure Italian exclusivity.

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