Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis If you’ve got a taste for Luxury Eco Lodges built on the foundation of sustainability and natural beauty, you have a great deal in common with us and National Geographic who provide a catalogue of unique and sustainable lodges from around the world.

Here we offer you a small sampling of some of the gems they mention to give you a taste of the quality that the luxury Italian villas we have on our books offer too.

Petit St. Vincent Private Island Resort 

On the eastern edge of the Caribbean, Petit St. Vincent shines like a rare jewel in the ocean. Discovered by sailors in the 1960s, it remains an exclusive discovery for the fortunate few who, once they’ve visited, often return year after year. It’s not hard to appreciate the marvels of the 115-acre island. With 22 envy-inducing villas and cottages dotting the island, privacy is to be expected.

An experience here breathes fresh air into the word ‘escape’. Extra brownie points for the island go to its commitment to sustainability, limited development and technological scarcity. Furthermore, staff outnumber guests three to one so you can be sure this is one of those luxury villas you’ll never forget.

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Churchill Wild — Seal River Heritage Lodge 

Arctic animal lovers will find a perfect home in Manitoba, Canada, where Churchill Wild Seal River Heritage Lodge is situated. In the lyrical words of National Geographic “what seems like an endless frozen expanse is actually a thriving and complex ecosystem, the site of two great wildlife migrations (belugas and caribou), and the theater of magnificent aurora borealis.”

Admire polar bears against backdrops of magenta, head out onto the Hudson Bay and return to the cozy haven for sumptuous food and a feast of wild tales from the day. It’s also sustainable, off the grid and often welcomes researchers to this rare spot of the true wilderness.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve 

Wraparound views of pink sunsets are the order of the day at Grootbos. Located in the Western Cape, South Africa, this hillside ode to nature’s serenity is the answer to all those looking for beach bliss alongside a little safari. The fynbos lavished across the hills only add to the splendour. Grootbos - meaning ‘big forest’ in English - after the milkwood trees coating the region, invites guests to enjoy its Luxury Eco Lodges “built into the natural clearings in these gnarled ancient trees.” With gourmet cuisine, fresh local seafood, organic gardens, private decks and contemporary design, prepare yourself for deep and meaningful rejuvenation.

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Kapari Natural Resort 

On the Greek island of Santorini, Kapari Natural Resort is nestled among the top bluffs where 300-year-old cliff-side cave dwellings have been refurbished into Luxury Eco Lodges. As the article describes, “what they (owners Rena and Takis Adamidis) created is a thing of beauty, a hamlet of cubist forms that spill down the hillside in stunning terraces and balconies, softened by rock archways and whitewashed nooks where minimalism meets an ancient architectural style.” Add to this warm and welcoming hospitality, an intimate and delicious restaurant and the infinity pool with seemingly-endless views, and it’s plain to see why the lodge is an easy choice for those looking for Grecian luxury.

As local Italian experts we offer the insight and secrets to Italy’s most exclusive and unique luxury villas: picture a charming chalet with stunning views of the Dolomites, a gorgeous villa on a private island in Southern Italy or in a beautiful spot on the gentle hills of Tuscany.

For further details about how to experience Italy authentically via our tailormade journeys, get in touch with us. We’re passionate about helping travelers to experience Italy as we, the locals, do.

by Veronica on Jan 21, 2016