Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis Organizing incentive programs can be an extremely exciting experience. You get to create unbelievable, out-of-this-world, unique experiences for people who have truly worked hard to be there — for people that want to be there.

But because of this, it comes with a fair amount of responsibility — with the amount of work that has been put into qualifying for an incentive, delegates expect something extraordinary. And with the general rising need for unique, culturally immersive experiences and destinations that totally amaze, the pressure is on. The good news is that with these greater needs for all things different and effectively better, with the move towards all things bigger and better, budgets have risen too. Now, of course, luxury tours of Italy are absolutely perfect for incentive programs, but the real questions are: where do you set them and what unique programs can you create? Here are our top picks:


Set in the gorgeous region of Lombardy is the eclectic city of Milan — considered one of the  global capitals of fashion and design, and for very good reason. Milan is a melting pot of fascinating history, art and design so it’s only natural that one of the best unique luxury tours of Italy perfect for incentive programs that are bound to impress delegates, is to treat delegates to an incentive program with style: one that takes them on a journey through Milan’s fashion week. Delegates will be treated to true luxury: private transfers, spa treatments and massages and of course high-end shopping excursions in some of the most famous stores for the most sought after products in the world — delegates are made to feel like VIPs. Luxury tours of Italy that center on the fashion week will include private tours guided by expert shoppers and historians, giving an interesting insight into the world of fashion mulled with history and myths and secrets of the city. This tour includes private luxury tours of Italy centered on exclusive dinners, the dishes of which are paired with the best wines in Lombardy, modern and classical art, gorgeous architecture, modern design, history, luxury shopping excursions and delicious high-end Italian cuisine — this is one of the luxury Italian tours perfect for those delegates who enjoy the finest things in life and who deserve to be treated (and rewarded) like never before.


Situated in the absolutely gorgeous region of Piedmont, the breathtaking vineyard landscapes that make up Langhe sport the incredible status of UNESCO World Heritage Site and are what artists’ dreams are made of. Famous for its wines, cheeses, and white truffles (from Alba), a big portion of any incentive to this region would definitely center on immersing delegates in the way of life and, of course, the mouth-watering local dishes and the world-famous wines of the area. Give delegates the opportunity to see the rolling, fertile hills dotted with vineyards from above on magical luxury tours of Italy from the top of the world — in a hot air balloon. With the local dishes being the order of the day, a trip for delegates to go truffle hunting in the Langhe hills with a trained guide and truffle dog is an absolute must. Let food-loving delegates indulge in a cooking course to discover how to make the sensational local dishes at home, learn the history of winemaking in the region, explore the castles and the medieval villages of Alba, and visit the incredible vineyards while sampling the incredible wines from the area, most notably, the Barolo wine. A luxury tour of Italy to Langhe is certainly one that will delight delegates through the senses.


Valle d’Aosta

Located in northern Italy in the Aosta Valley, and surrounded by the Alps, is this magical region. With its exceptional and dramatic mountainous backdrop, its placid lakes and a landscape dotted with castles, it’s no wonder that this wonderful place turns into a land fit for a fairytale around Christmas time and is the perfect location for luxury tours of Italy during the winter. Here, delegates can enjoy an absolute supreme experience: 5-star luxury hotels, private luxury shopping excursions, operas, traditional Christmas markets (set in a Roman amphitheater), private luxury tours of Italy centering on medieval towns and castles, skiing, hiking and breathtaking views of the magnificent area. Luxury Italian tours of this area in this extremely special time are bound to be something that delegates remember forever.

If you are looking for incredible programs for sensational MICE incentives, Italy has more than enough to cater for all your needs. We at Charme & Adventure will help you create bespoke luxury Italian tours that delegates will absolutely love and that will have them working twice as hard for the next one.

by on May 25, 2016