Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis There is something inherently alluring about Venice: the wonder of a world on water, myriad intriguing alleys to mosey through, the moody elegance in the air that stirs up the emotions of even the most hardened cynic. That’s not to say that there are parts of Venice which haven’t become overrun with tourist traps, multitudes of mask shops and overpriced singing gondoliers. But the original beauty and charm of Venice is still very much alive, it simply takes a little know-how to find the old gems.

There are a number of neighbourhoods humming along with laid-back locals sipping well-priced wine and indulging in authentic quality cuisine. It’s not all crowds, spectacles and tourists in Venice. Tucked away from the faux-Italian madness, small boutique establishments, canalside retreats, and old ornate palaces await. We round up the very best of the luxury hotels in Venice:


An establishment as Venetian as a dapper old man — Bauer II Palazzo


Established in 1880, this hymn to classic hospitality was born as a result of romantic tryst when a young Austrian fell in love with a hotelier’s daughter. The hotel remains family-managed. Through the years it has undergone numerous renovations to preserve its 18th-century qualities while rethinking the possibilities of the hotel’s design to ensure it at all times remains a five-star destination. Notable additions include the 7th floor terrace, Settimo Cielo - the highest outdoor terrace in Venice.


The secret palace fit for luxe-loving royalty — Liassidi Palace Hotel 


A welcome addition to our portfolio of luxury hotels in Venice, this little-known old noble residence is a feast for the eyes. Recently restored to the finest version of an 17th-century palazzo, a stay here is a throw-back to an older more elegant era. With its central location it’s the ideal base from which to explore the city’s wonders before returning to the welcoming palace for complimentary afternoon tea.

Venecia boat

Venice’s island retreat — St. Regis, Venice


In 1131 the island of San Clemente was founded ‘with the purpose of encouraging “the recovery of the soul and spirit.”’ True to its mission, today the island is a salve for weary minds, bodies and souls who come to the private island on the Venice lagoon for a moment’s peace on six hectares of lush gardens, complete with swimming pool, a 15th-century church and St. Regis butler to see to every whim. Mere minutes from the legendary Piazza San Marco, the island allows for plenty of exploring with the help of the hotel’s complimentary boats to shuttle you to and from one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in Venice.

Venecia's Hotel

The choice of the great writers, artists and critics Hotel Gritti Palace 


With an illustrious past guest list that includes Ernest Hemingway, Somerset Maugham, John Ruskin and Peggy Guggenheim, this iconic Venetian hotel is a well-known reference point for the art masters and their gorgeous flock of followers, throughout prestigious events such as the Biennale of Contemporary Art as well as the Venice Film Festival. It’s the perfect place to experience Italy like a true connoisseur. With just 21 exclusive rooms the hotel manages to retain a homely sense of intimacy within an undeniable beautiful setting, featuring some of Venice’s finest views. Add an extra layer of flavour to your experience by opting for the three-day onsite cooking course.

Venecia's moment

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by Luca on Aug 28, 2015