Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis Strong companies are made up of strong teams. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why corporate team-building is essential to the positive growth of a business.

 Although there are individuals who are well-suited to old-fashioned icebreakers and activities, for many, playing predictable teambuilding games can have the opposite effect on motivation; instead of building morale and relationships, these activities evoke a sense of inauthenticity and forced ‘fun’ which may not correspond with a company’s brand or values.

However carefully considered corporate team-building programmes can have a significant impact on an employee’s development, creativity and motivation. How then should one go about coordinating corporate team building opportunities that really work?

Know your audience

  • Understanding employees is vital to creating programmes and incentives that fit people’s personalities and therefore effectively engage with individuals who collectively move a company forward.

  • It’s worth remembering that healthy teams include both introverts and extroverts, each playing different roles and offer equally important strengths.

Alternatives to more conventional team-building strategies

In the article 5 Team-Building Activities Your Employees Won’t Hate Jessica Taylor offers some pertinent insight into the matter, offering the following suggestions:

  • Get together to give back: Working together towards a common social upliftment goal can be a transformative experience for a team. The opportunity allows employees to bond for the sake of a good cause. Activities could range from building Habitat for Humanity homes to helping out at a local soup kitchen. A good way to go about this would be to find out what your team care about and coordinating a team-building activity from there.

  • Create spaces for professional development: Coordinate collaborative learning programmes, organise guest speaker visits, or arrange online seminars that will be both interesting and useful for the team.

  • Take a trip: According to Taylor, sometimes, the best way to get to know the folks you work with is to just let everyone interact freely, without a formal plan.” Travel opportunities represent a significant company loyalty incentive.  Consider the possibilities of private tours of Italy where employees could bond, be inspired, learn and create in a fresh stimulating and highly-desirable environment.  

Connect your team building strategy to your employees’ interests

  • When it comes to adventurous team-building opportunities for nature and adrenalin junkies, the sky is literally the limit. From paragliding over the Dolomite Mountains to riding through the hills on a sleigh pulled by Siberian huskies, Italy offers a host of stimulating activities.

  • For those looking for art, history and artisan inspiration, Italian options abound. Consider the inspiration to be found in exploring the work and lessons of Bologna’s Artisan masters. Learn the ancient craftsmanship of hat-makers, shoemakers and luthiers, or visit a colony of silk weavers working in the green hills of Caserta. Imagine hosting a series of team-building workshops in the world’s oldest university in Bologna. By osmosis, participants will soak up the human drive for knowledge etched in the old university walls. In Bologna too, history buffs could explore the secret tunnels and air-raid shelters of the city constructed in World War II.

  • For gourmets, wine connoisseurs and foodies where better to find taste sensation stimulation than Italy. Italy offers a myriad gourmet environments from which to choose. A team might visit an organic farm in Naples and soak up the scent of lemon, orange, mandarin trees for marmalade, to take an alternative look into the stages of production. Or employees can get their hands in the thick of culinary creation, not far from Milan, a well-known Italian chef will teach team players to hand-roll dough, whip up traditional Bolognese, or home-cure prosciutto.

For more ideas about corporate team building opportunities and travel experiences, contact Charme & Adventure, specialists in authentic private tours of Italy.

by Luca on Jul 2, 2015