Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis Despite the ever-present term trending, trends aren’t what they used to be. In 1937 fashion historian James Laver charted the evolution of trends on a timeline – calling a trend current when it’s seen as ‘smart’ and ‘daring’ one year and ‘ridiculous’ 20 years later. After 50 years it’s likely to come back into fashion news. Laver couldn’t have predicted the amorphous power of social media culture. The way trends are predicted and manifest in clothing lines is no longer about designers dictating styles but rather about a dialogue between the people who design the clothes and the people who wear them.

Today we’re getting fashion news from our favourite Instagramers and moving from being trend-focused to lifestyle-focused. So when looking for today’s fashion news, we can see the lifestyle trends within fashion trends. It seems that 2015’s fashionistas are eco-living, attending music festivals, and travelling the globe in hippie couture. And the styles on the runway are running after them.

What’s big in 2015’s fashion news?

  • Haute hippie couture

Floods of music festival goers have infused the latest styles with wafty fabrics, feminine touches and a 1970’s nostalgia for peace, flowers and free love. From Pucci’s tye-dyes to Guccic’s patched fur vests and Chloe’s trapeze dresses, everyone’s making love not war. But the festival-inspired look has shifted; it’s no longer cut-off denim shorts but rather soft-printed chiffon, lacy baby-doll dresses, relaxed-fit trousers and flowing vests.

  • Bohemian evening trend

Vogue highlights the influence of hippie chic in the Bohemian evening trend. They point to Valentino, Dries Van Noten, Vera Wang and find that even Joseph Altuzarra has softened his lines.  

  • Luxury eco-fashion

We’re seeing a rise in eco-friendly fashion brands. Paying careful attention to free-trade policies, labels like Honest by and Feral Childe are creating lines that are not only gorgeous but also planet-friendly.

  • Denim

Denim isn’t only fit for trousers this year. We’re seeing denim jumpsuits, coats, skirts and dresses and they’re all sexier than ever.

  • Exploring outerwear and underwear

Corsets are back and according to Dolce & Gabanna underwear is now outerwear too.

  • Trouser suit

Power dressing lightens up with more whimsical hints. Think twine and cowbell belts, feminine pinstripes and cropped trousers.

  • Midriff baring evening

The crop top with a feminine skirt that reveals just a touch of midriff flesh is this season’s answer to sophisticated risqué.

  • Fringe

Tassels and flaps that give your outfit a little shake are in. Give movement to your look in the legendary style of Josephine Baker.

  • Gingham

This rustic gridlock pattern was seen in baja mini dresses and mink coats all over the catwalk. Being a little out of the ordinary it gives texture, variety and a whole lot of sexy.

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by Luca on May 26, 2015