Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis It’s a city you could linger in for a lifetime but even if time’s not on your side, Rome is well worth a stop-over.

Even if it’s brief, you know it’ll be beautiful. Plus, it’s quality not quantity that counts. So with just 24 hours to spend, how do you get the most out of one of the greatest cities in the world? Because we love nothing more than to help discerning travelers explore Italy as authentically as a local would, here are some pointers.

10 a.m. Meander through a fresh food market alongside a local chef for a private gourmet experience

There’s no better way to explore Italy then through your stomach. With Rome being a delicious land of globe artichokes, good old fashioned oxtail and pasta carbonara, why wouldn’t you want to come to the city to eat? And so, dive right into a whirlwind foodie experience that’s flowing with fresh produce, appetite-whetting aromas and flavours so fine you could dance with them at the Mercato di Testaccio. With a local chef at the helm, be led through the market, being fed tidbits about the history of Rome and then joining him for a private cooking lesson in his loft, before settling down for a feast of your own making on the terrace of his private loft.

2 p.m. Indulge in an age-old Roman dessert beside locals in a side-street cafe

Sample a typical sweet icy finish to a meal. Once everywhere in Rome, these days the Grattachecca is only available in a few secret street kiosks. Manually shaved ice is topped with a heavenly syrup and served up to cool off patrons on even the hottest summer days. Some of the top spots to experience the icy sensation include Sora Mirella and Alla Fonte d’oro.

3 p.m. Pick up a few hints (and gorgeous items) from the style gurus of the world

Fueled by your feast, head through the city’s most beautiful back streets in search of the perfect lines and cuts to fit your style. With a personal shopper to guide you, discover enchanting boutiques boasting handmade craftsmanship and in-store tailoring. Have a one-on-one with a designer and find out about the ideas that lie beneath his or her collection. If fashion isn’t your artwork of choice, fine art appreciators might opt instead to visit the Galleria Borghese, for full-time ogling over the mastery of Titian, Caravaggio and the gallery itself.

Courtesy photo of Antoine Taveneaux

6 p.m. Live La Dolce Vita on the back of an Ape Calessino

Made famous in the classic Italian film, this cousin of the Vespa, the Ape Calessino, is ideal for savoring the city’s golden hours, and taking in its head-lightening views. Soak up the sounds, smells and sights of Rome in the cool comfort of this retro buggy.

8 p.m. Hop aboard a vintage city tram for dinner and an evening of jazz

A vintage city tram in the city has been transformed into a mobile restaurant of epic proportions. Enjoy a welcome aperitivo before setting forth on a train journey to explore Italy through the romantic streets of Rome on the TramJazz. As you sip on sparkling wine and relish in the sumptuous tastes of  regional cuisine, get into the toe-tapping beat of a live jazz band.

Courtesy photo of Anton Elf

12 p.m Stroll by the famous Trevi Fountain at midnight before retiring in style

Before climbing into bed for a well-deserved rest, sneak a peek of the twinkling lights of the city from the observation deck of Hotel Villa Borghese. Taken in by the city you may choose not to sleep at all, but instead stare out in wonder at the great beauty before you.

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by Luca on Nov 6, 2015