Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis It all comes down to the word “impress”, or as it’s defined “to affect deeply or strongly in mind or feelings; influence in opinion; to fix deeply or firmly on the mind or memory”.

It’s a word that’s likely to come to mind when perusing through ideas for corporate incentive travel destinations for your top clients. But what does it take to impress? To leave an indelible mark on the minds of your clients so when they think of quality and authentic experience, they forever think of you?

We look at some trends from the meetings experts to find out which parts of the globe stand a chance of leaving such an impression on the hearts and minds of your most valued clients.

How companies are investing in corporate incentive travel in 2016

Based on research gathered by the Incentive Research Foundation, 2016 is looking positive in the corporate incentive travel department.

  • Budgets are rising. Research shows that “67% of respondents said they are increasing their incentive travel budgets for 2016.” That means that as many as 36% will spend more than $4,000 per person, next year alone.

  • International destinations are high on the agenda. Nearly a quarter of those usually choosing domestic destinations are shifting to international.

  • There’s greater pressure to book in advance. The combination of the strengthening economy and the stagnant hotel supply, means tighter lead times, in fact “a full 45% of respondents said they book more than a year out, while 41% said they book between seven and 12 months out.”

  • Measuring the success of incentives has become essential. Whether it’s through participant feedback, sales, budget achievement or ROI assessment methods, just about everyone wants to know that they’re seeing a return on their incentive investments.

  • Island destinations are on the up and up, the Caribbean is in particular demand.

Corporate incentive travel destinations on the horizon

Meetings.net recently list this year’s top emerging incentive destinations. We pinpoint a few of our favourites and we can’t help but feel that the world is beginning to look more and more inviting.

  • Panama: Land of tropical heat and colourful rainforest, not to mention a recent infrastructural boost, Panama is a natural choice for clients who you suspect are looking for something sunny, exciting and not too far from home.

  • Costa Rica: A favourite destination for eco-travelers, Costa Rica boasts gorgeous environmental diversity and an increasing number of luxe hotels. It’s ideal for teambuilding adventures via trekking and ziplining opportunities.

  • Cuba: As laws change and Cuba opens up even more, there’s bound to be an influx of tourists to this smoky romantic destination inviting clients to step back in time.

  • New Zealand: It’s a long way away but once you get there, well worth the effort. With peaceful picturesque scenery and quality organic cuisine it’s bound to freshen up your most drained clients.

  • Dubai: A visit to Dubai feels almost surreal. Who would have thought modern technology would make it so easy to be shopping up a storm in a glitzy city in the middle of the desert? It’s a good choice for clients who have one thing on the mind: shopping.

Dubai - Photo courtesy of Constantino L.

Among these, destinations like Iceland, Croatia, Singapore, South Africa, Vietnam and unexplored areas of Italy join the list for the hot spots getting top mentions. The dollar’s strength means that it’s prime time to get the most value out of Europe through luxury tours of Italy. The desire to explore the boot-shaped country remains close to the hearts of travelers with a taste for fine flavour, authentic experiences and romance that’s centuries old yet continues to enliven and inspire with the same spirit that it always has.

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Cover Photo courtesy of SaavedraVS

by on Dec 1, 2015