Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis It’s no secret that travel enhances and accelerates our experience of the world. We learn from it. We build stronger relationships with those we travel with. It inspires us. It boosts creativity, provides new perspectives, creates treasurable memories, and the benefits go on and on. But from a company point of view why incentivize your employees with travel?

Well, in addition to all those perks, travel business incentives can greatly strengthen loyalty to a company and therefore reduce staff turnover. But more importantly, by connecting your employees with unique travel incentives that nurture individuality and enhance growth, you can create a dynamic team of individuals who feel valued and so work harder, solve problems more creatively, and feel more positive about their place in the organization.

The possibility of the best organization in the world and how it values authenticity

A fascinating report in the Harvard Business Review offers revealing insights into the question of how one might create “the best workplace on earth”. The report stemmed from wider research linking “authenticity and effective leadership.” Their findings suggest that “people will not follow a leader they feel is inauthentic.” The report gathered perspectives from scores of executives around the world and in summary discovered that the ideal organization would be one “that operates at its fullest potential by allowing people to do their best work.”

It seems that executives and employees (and therefore organizations) are most productive, motivated, and fulfilled when working towards something they believe in, with people they believe in, in order to do what they do best. They pinpointed six essential components to organizations that run like a golden dream of success:

  • Individual differences are nurtured;

  • Information is not suppressed or spun;

  • The company adds value to employees, rather than merely extracting it from them;

  • The organization stands for something meaningful;

  • The work itself is intrinsically rewarding;

  • And there are no stupid rules.

Of course implementing these values is easier said than done. The researchers behind the report admit that this “company of your dreams remains largely aspirational.” But they offer their findings “as a challenge: an agenda for leaders and organizations that aim to create the most productive and rewarding working environment possible.”

Creating business travel incentives to suit your employees

For companies aspiring to epitomise forward-thinking dynamism, one exciting and effective way to “add value to employees” and nurture their individuality is through business incentives that make use of creativity-boosting and inspiring travel incentives. We take a look at globetrotting possibilities that take individual interests into account:

  • For fans of contemporary American art, a journey to New Mexico not only takes them to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum but allows them trace her inspiration in the city in which she spent 20 years, abandoning New York for the cottonwood trees lining the Charma River.

  • For socially-oriented personalities, their most rewarding travel experience might be a transformative volunteering project abroad. The wealth of voluntourism opportunities these days range from building homes in rural, less fortunate areas, to working at an animal conservation clinic.

  • For employees captivated by the allure of Europe, the romance languages or the memorable food and sights of the Mediterranean, incentivize them with private tours of Italy. Opportunities for business incentives range from yachting tours through the Neapolitan Archipelago to the islands of Ischia and Procida, to receiving exclusive access to the country’s most exclusive private art collections or to experience the feeling of driving a vintage car through the Tuscan countryside.

If you’re interested in finding authentic business incentives and travel experiences to suit authentic companies, get in touch with Charme & Adventure. Their local knowledge, experience and passion for the country is invaluable, and their tailor-made private tours of Italy offer the finest in authentic travel and transformative business incentives.  

by Luca on Aug 5, 2015