Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Addthis Travelers can master everything from packing for the right weather to swearing like a local with these handy travel apps. If your clients appreciate immaculate planning, smooth rides and genuinely local experiences, a smartphone updated with all the right travel apps is the answer.

Gone are the days of pulling out a hefty guidebook or an 18-page unfoldable map (a clear tourist give-away). Downloading these apps onto a smartphone well before a trip means your clients can sleekly glide through their travels with all the need-to-know information in their pockets.

When planning a European trip, help your clients outsource their anxiety by suggesting the apps that handle the research for them.

  • Get the best flight deals

With the price-prediction feature on Hopper, users can find out when to purchase the best tickets. It’s an essential app for every travel agent too. Planning a European trip that includes multiple flights can be costly but with apps like Skyscanner, you can ensure that your clients are getting the very best deals.

  • Know before you go

TripAdvisor presents real-life voices weighing up destinations. Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or famous attraction, find out what people really think instead of what marketing campaigns would like you to believe. Of course, hyper critical reviews are to be taken with a touch of salt. One can’t forget that there are always different strokes for different folks.

  • Find your way through foreign streets

Savvy travelers can now avoid wasting time getting lost by downloading reliable maps. CityMaps2Go lets users preload city maps, so even without wifi, navigating new places is a cinch.

  • Know the numbers

Have all the information at the tip of your tongue before you spend a cent. With the XE Currency app, you can freely (literally) and accurately convert currencies so you can keep on top of your budget.

  • Learn from the Scouts and Be Prepared

An essential app for all globetrotters, TravelSafe Pro provides a database of emergency service and embassy numbers for countries all over the world.

  • Don’t get caught in the rain

With your own personal weather guide at hand, WeatherPro helps travelers who are planning a European trip to make packing and activity plans around the weather.

  • Dress for success with a handy packing pro

Find out what to pack with Pack Point, an app that tells you what should go in your bag based on the destination, weather and expected activities.

  • Master your itinerary

With Tripit travelers can collate all their travel plans, from flights to hotels to restaurant reservations, into a single itinerary.

  • Beat jet lag

JetLag Genie assists travelers adjust sleeping habits leading up to a trip to avoid the groggy, exhausting and disorienting effects of jet lag.

  • Lounge about in luxury

Get all the details of airport lounges available, even for those who aren’t first class passengers, with Lounge Buddy.

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  • Don’t get lost in translation

Get access to the local lingo with Talking Translator Pro, one of the best-rated translation apps on the market. For those looking to fit in with the locals in moments of frustration, Swearport shares all the international expletives you might need.

  • Know what to tip

Avoid angering local waiters by over or under tipping with Fancy Tips, the app that keeps you abreast of local tipping customs.

  • Send boast post

Turn your digital snaps into real-life postcards to post to old-fashioned friends with Postagram

  • Get insider tips to trips

With Vayable travelers can find unique and exciting local experiences offered by locals.

Of course, nothing beats face-to-face interaction and personal tailor made guidance from local travel professionals. When planning a European trip for clients who value authentic experiences and want to experience Italy from a unique and local point of view, contact us. We specialise in luxury private tours that ensure travelers experience Italy like no one else and like never before.

by on Dec 1, 2015