Valle d'Aosta

Luxury Accommodations in Valle d'Aosta

Divided into 12 valleys, Valle d'Aosta lies on the north-west extremity of Italy, between the Graian Alps and the Pennine ones, bordering on Switzerland, France and Piedmont. It streches for 3262 square kilometres, with a territory mainly mountainous and

Hotellerie de Mascognaz

23 rooms in a variety of styles and sizes in different chalets all within the village of Mascognaz and all within easy reach of the main facilities.

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Mont Blanc Hotel Village

Only a few minutes from the centre of Courmayeur, the Mont Blanc Hotel Village is the ideal place to combine nature and relax, sport and tourism in every season.

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QC Terme Monte Bianco

A haven of peace where you can regenerate and take care of yourself, finding all the authentic values of relaxation of the mountains and the pleasure of relaxing in natural surroundings.

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