Our Team

Our Team

to leave your heart along most uniques places from Italy

Roberto Cepparo

Chief Executive Officer

I've always been inquisitive. I see travel as a means to discover, to explore - not just places, but above all the people behind everything I see. For me, travel is a source of enrichment, of experiences and emotions that will stay with me forever. When I was young I found out that I had a talent for organisation, coupled with a measure of creativity. So I've always taken pleasure in organising special trips worthy of the most discerning traveller. And my home country offers so many opportunities to discovering new experiences and emotions that it always amaze me.

8 Italian tips I'd like to share with you

A city: Siena

An event: Balestro del Girifalco (Crossbow Challenge) in Massa Marittima

A glass of: Amarone wine

A recipe: Moleche impanate nell'uovo (soft-shelled crabs from the Venetian lagoon eggs coated)

A song: Volare - Domenico Modugno

A movie: Ratataplan - Maurizio Nichetti

A masterpiece: The portraits by Antonello da Messina

An experience: Flight by balloon over the splendid Cilento Coast and Paestum's Greek temples

Emanuele Cepparo

Director of Sales

My Italy? Simple: a charming vineyard farm on the hills of Piedmont, Umbria or Tuscany, enjoying a glass of fine wine in good company, along with the delights of the local cuisine

8 Italian tips I'd like to share with you

A city: Bologna

An event: Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia

A glass of: Ribolla Gialla wine

A recipe: Red radicchio risotto

A song: Ma il cielo è sempre più blu - Rino Gaetano

A movie: Mediterraneo - Gabriele Salvatores

A masterpiece: Ferrara Cathedral

An experience: Langhe gourmet experience in the Piedmont region

Barbara Zapparoli

Operations Director

Travelling in Italy is a joy for all five senses: watching the sunset over the Dolomites; listening to the bustle of a city like Rome, Florence or Mantua; the murmur of the waves lapping the Amalfi Coast or the silence of the Tuscan countryside; savouring delicious Piedmontese dishes accompanied by extraordinary wines; reaching out and touching the traces of thousands of years of history, from Sicily to the Alps; breathing in the alluring air of centuries of tradition. Each trip is a whole new discovery.

8 Italian tips I'd like to share with you

A city: Assisi

An event: A concert at San Siro stadium in Milan

A glass of: Vin Santo dessert wine (with cantucci almond biscuits)

A recipe: Tortelli di zucca con burro e salvia (pumpkin filled pasta with butter and sage)

A song: Nei giardini che nessuno sa - Renato Zero

A movie: Roman Holiday - William Wyler

A masterpiece: Ambrosiana Art Gallery and Library in Milan

An experience: Cycling through the medieval villages in Tuscany

Caterina Ferrari

Australian Market Sales

I visited markets and holy places, I climbed mountains, I spoke with people and ate at their homes, I walked along streets and meadows, under the sun, the rain and the snow in South, Central and North America; in Asia, in almost the entire Europe and in Oceania. I lived many years in the United States, in Scotland, in Spain, in France and now in faraway Australia, but never did I find a place that made me live such a great experience like Italy and its colours, fragrances and flavors, its landscapes and its everlasting charm…


8 Italian tips I'd like to share with you

A city: Siracusa

An event: The fruit and vegetable market in Chiavari

A glass of: Zibibbo from Pantelleria

A recipe: Fried zucchini flowers (of my mother!)

A song: Bella - Jovanotti

A movie: La Vita è Bella - Roberto Benigni

A masterpiece: Caravaggio's San Girolamo

An experience: A fragrance farm in Tuscany

Carlo Marzorati

Marketing Manager

The Belpaese we call Italy is a treasure chest with an extraordinary variety of gems just waiting to be discovered…the landscape, dotted with mountains, lakes, rolling hills and turquoise seas; the Mediterranean climate, so nice, so gentle. The food, with so many traditions joining together to shape its unrivalled cuisine; the art, throughout 2500 years of history; the character of the people, the mirror of a savoir vivre envied the world over; the sophisticated, stylish flair of the hospitality; the culture of a land that has been a crossroads of different peoples through the centuries, and a taste for beauty that is a distillate of all the wonders the country has to offer.


8 Italian tips I'd like to share with you

A city: Rome

An event: An assembly of Alpini regiment soldiers

A glass of: Refosco wine

A recipe: Melanzane alla parmigiana (Parma-style aubergine bake)

A song: La Libertà - Giorgio Gaber

A movie: La vita è bella - Roberto Benigni

A masterpiece: Paestum & Pompei

An experience: A stay at the Bishop's Great Lodge in the South Tyrol

Luca Cepparo

Project manager & sales

Italy is all about experiencing Siena during the world-famous Palio; observing Rome in silence from the top of its splendid monuments, imagining what life must have been like there 1000 years ago; enjoying traditional food and excellent wine in an age-old hostelry in the heart of a mediaeval village; the striking allure of the Carrara marble quarries, the splendour of Bellagio, the heavenly tranquillity of a mountain chalet, the uniquely magical experience of a concert at the Arena in Verona. My Italy is the perfect soundtrack of an Oscar-winning film.


8 Italian tips I'd like to share with you

A city: Venice

An event: The Palio in Siena

A glass of: Amarone Barrique grappa

A recipe: Panzanella (bread salad)

A song: Whisky facile - Fred Buscaglione

A movie: La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano - Giuseppe Tornatore

A masterpiece: The Duomo Cathedral in Milan

An experience: Freeride in the Dolomites Mountains

Andrea Cepparo

Business Development

Italy is a concentrate of powerful, unique experiences. I love to ride my motorbike along the spectacular roads of Tuscany, or through the magnificent mountain passes; stop for a bite to eat in age-old hostelries, steeped in tradition, where every dish has a story to tell, a little slice of the history of this fascinatingly diverse country. This is a place to satisfy all five senses. Even for someone like me who's lived here all his life, each trip offers the opportunity to discover something new about my country's traditions, cuisine, history or sport. Italy is a non-stop, multi-sensory experience everyone should live at least once in a lifetime.


8 Italian tips I'd like to share with you

A city: Perugia

An event: The Battle of the oranges in Ivrea

A glass of: Brunello di Montalcino red wine

A recipe: Seafood risotto

A song: Luce - Elisa 

A movie: Il Mattatore - Dino Risi

A masterpiece: The Pietà by Michelangelo

An experience: The Chianti Castles Tour

Orsola Nizzero

Press office

The romantic, picturesque little villages of Liguria, the matchless cuisine of the Langhe, the crystal-clear seas of Sardinia, the spectacular Dolomites, the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel, the wonders of the Renaissance in Florence, the magic of Venice, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Marco Polo, Federico Fellini; parmigiano cheese, balsamic vinegar, truffles, extra-virgin olive oil, dry cured ham, goose salami; there is no end to the marvels Italy has to offer.

Whatever the visitor's passion, there is no other country in the world able to offer the emotions Italy does.


8 Italian tips I'd like to share with you

A city: Florence

An event: Sagra del salame d'oca (Goose Salami Festival) in Mortara

A glass of: Prosecco wine

A recipe: Granseola alla triestina (Crabs cooked Trieste-style)

A song: Azzurro - version by Paolo Conte

A movie: Travolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'agosto - Lina Wertmüller

A masterpiece: St. Mark's Basilica in Venice

An experience: Venetian Villas Cruise Along the Brenta Canal


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